Hi everyone!

We have had a couple very busy days! We have done so much stuff here in Calgary, it’s almost crazy. We met with Molly again from Walking the Dogs Calgary, this time at the Auburn Bay Dog Park in south Calgary. This is a pretty nice off leash park, I like it because it is fenced in, so you obviously don’t have to worry much about your dog wondering off. Molly comes here quite often with her dog walking company. We had a wonderful time talking and letting all the dogs play. Molly was with 4 of her clients dogs. She takes such good care of them it’s really incredible. Van and another Shih tzu were playing so hard, they had a ton of fun and were pooped out by the time we left. I didn’t do much training with Van today, I just let them play as Molly and I talked so much about the dog walking business. I seriously think I am going to do this! I have to see what the demand is like for dog walkers in Vancouver, it may not be as high as Calgary, due to the winters here. This is when Molly said she is the busiest as most folks don’t want to go out in the winter. I am super excited about this!

Meeting up with Molly again tomorrow, at a different park she likes, can’t wait to go out again!

Have a wonderful sunny day!


Good Morning!

What a beautiful morning in Calgary! We are headed for a gorgeous day today, looking at temperatures around 28C, it’ll be a warm one. So I decided to take Van on an off leash run today before it gets too hot at an off leash park in Lake Bonavista Calgary, this is such a beautiful community, established with full grown trees and easy access to shopping and main roads. There are 4 off leash parks just in Lake Bonavista alone! There are so many off leash parks in Calgary, it’s incredible. We’re going to try and go to as many as we can, it’s such a great way to get exercise, not only for Van but for us too! And such a great way to see the city and meet some folks.

We meet this sweet couple who where at the park this morning and they had 3 dogs with them that they were playing with. We got to talking and I asked are they all your’s? No. they said, they are professional dog walkers and this is her full time career! It really got me excited, I knew of dog walkers but I really didn’t think too much about it. She was explaining her business to me and I can’t believe how much fun she is having walking dogs for a living, this is right up my ally! They explained that they take dogs on off leash runs, usually 2-4 times a day (different dogs of course) and they do on leash walks and pet sitting check ins, I was blown away. I see how much fun they’re having and I think this is something I could do too! I love dogs so much, love the outdoors and would love to have my own business. They gave me tons of info on what they do and how to set something up similar to what they have, I am meeting them again tomorrow at a different park, I can’t wait to see them again. She gave me their info so I just checked them out. https://www.walkingthedogscalgary.com. I love the site and what they do, I am so going to look into this for myself. Van had a great time playing with them and the dogs they had with them. Geez I feel like a new person and an incredible door has just opened for me, thanks Molly! I’m excited about this!

Have  a beautiful day!


We had such a beautiful day today in Calgary. We went to Calaway Park and we had an absolute blast! If you’ve never been here this is a great little amusement park just west of Calgary, You actually drive by it if you’re driving into Calgary on the #1 Highway from the west. It is a medium sized park that has some pretty cool rides. Some bigger rides for adults and lots of smaller rides for the little ones. You pay one price to enter the park and you can ride all day long, so much fun. The lines weren’t long, the most we had to wait was two rides, but most were just one. The staff and people are super friendly and the park is really clean, very impressed. One of the cool things I like here is you can bring your own food and drinks, you can bring a cooler and have picnics, I love this idea. If you do need to eat though they have all the usual amusement park food, word of warning though it is a little pricy, almost $12.00 for a burger, fry and pop! We found some good deals on their website for admission here.

We couldn’t take our dogs as they’re not allowed in the park, so Van stayed at home today. Tomorrow we’re going to check out some dog walking parks. Should be fun!

Peace and love!


We’re here!! Oh I miss Calgary, always love coming back. We did it in one trip, it was long but such a beautiful drive. The mountains are just so incredible. We didn’t see a lot of wild life, some deer and crows lol thats it. There have been trips where we’ve seen mountain goats and we saw a ram once, that was pretty cool.

Van was amazing! He hardly flinched, he slept a lot like most Shih tzu’s do, they love sleep. We stopped more often than usual so took longer but worth it. We went for some real nice nature walks and let Van explore. There where lots of different sounds for him in the wooded areas, and he couldn’t stop smelling everything! So much different than the big city. He never hesitated when it was time to get back in the car, helped him jump in, buckled up and was a good boy. He loved the wind in his face with the window down (as most dogs do) haha ears and tongue flapping in the wind, so funny.

We have already met some nice people in Calgary while we are out walking Van, lot’s of great dog walking locations here. The only thing missing is the ocean, if Calgary had that this place would be perfect! We’ll be seeing lots of places and going out to play a ton. I’ll write about it all! Love for Calgary!



Love Jen and Van!

Just a quick update. We’ve already left the house to head to Calgary almost in Hope. Van did awesome with his new seatbelt! We went for a 2 hour dive yesterday and he just sat quietly, not a sound. He is awesome. We did some more training exercises on sitting, he’s listening really good, I’d say he almost has this one down. I have to say it a couple times but he is getting it for sure. The bell training to go to the bathroom is really coming along as well.

We’ve been in the car for a few hours now and he’s doing great, we’re getting close to the Coquihalla Highway. We’ll probably stop for a pee break soon. Can’t wait to get to Calgary, so excited!



I am going to Calgary to visit family and friends and of course taking Van with me. I lived there for many years and absolutely love that city! It is very clean, friendly and so many beautiful locations to visit, like Banff. I am so excited. My boyfriend Josh and I will be driving out. It’s a fairly long drive, I’ve done it many times and we usually drive all the way through, but this time we have a pup to bring with us, there’s no way I’m leaving him alone! We’ll see how he’ll fair on the journey. We may have to stop half way or so and spend the night if Van doesn’t do so well. He’s been on a number of car rides but really nothing more than a couple hours. I bought him a doggy seatbelt/safety harness http://www.petsmart.com/dog/safety-harnesses/k-h-travel-safety-pet-harness-zid36-27062/cat-36-catid-100140?var_id=36-27062&_t=pfm%3Dcategory. and will be testing it out today, as we leave tomorrow.

He’s really quite good in the car so far so I’m not too worried. I’ll be bringing treats for him and we’ll be practicing some training and tricks while Josh drives, it’ll be fun to play with him on the long drive. Ok heading out to try the doggy seatbealt harness, i’ll let you know how it goes!



Hi everyone,

I took Van out for a walk today, he is slowly getting better on the leash. He was crazy the first few times I put him on it. He would flip around like a fish out of water! I never seen a dog do that before. As most dogs do when first learning he would try to take off but I make sure he doesn’t pull too hard as I don’t want to hurt his neck or crush his throat. I read that that can be a very common injury amongst dogs, so I never pull the leash hard. I also bought this leash yesterday that doesn’t go around his throat http://www.petsmart.com/dog/collars-harnesses-leashes/kong-control-dog-training-harness-zid36-34644/cat-36-catid-100012;pgid=gLJAS3G5lq9SRpEbkxJDTbwx0000W4UKOPhN;sid=KKBS8e9oD4BX8bjhjlIS9d9ibdwF46oUf7Itb8gN?var_id=36-34644&_t=pfm%3Dcategory Sorry for the long link, I’m not sure how I can shorten it. It worked really well, I felt more in control and Van liked it to, I don’t think it’s as obtrusive as around the neck ones. I have also learned very quickly that the calmer I am the calmer he is, I can definitely see that he feeds off my energy.

We walked for about a half hour today and he did really good, I gave him treats for his good behaviour. I am also teaching him to sit at the corners before we cross the road, he’s still learning so I’m sure people are looking at me like i’m crazy trying to teach him to sit! Hopefully it’s amusing someone lol. With more love, teaching and reassurance we’ll have this down in no time!

Talk soon,


Hi Everyone!

Jen here, finally able to write a little more and talk about myself and my vision with my blog. I am 26 years old live in Vancouver, B.C and love everything about it! Except house prices…ugh! Other than that Vancouver is beautiful, fun, energetic, historic and exciting. I just bought my first dog, a funny little purebred Shih tzu. He already fills me with joy and love. I named him “Van” short for my beautiful city, as, Vancouver is the perfect back drop for any and all dog lovers of the world. We have an abundance of dog loving enthusiasts here and miles of beautiful ocean beaches, parks and dog walking areas. I see and have talked to numerous folks in Stanly Park playing, walking and training their dogs here, it’s a great place to take your dog training to the next level, the state that I am at now.

I have had Van for 2 months and have gone through many “live and learn” situations with him, it’s pretty incredible how much a little dog loves shoes! I learnt to buy him some really good chew toys to reduce the cost of replacing my shoes, silly little guy. I find he really likes the cloth type toys, he plays, chews and flips them in the air, so funny to watch.

I fully 100% admit that training him was/is a lot harder than I ever imagined. They do not understand anything! I have learnt that patience, understanding and repetitiveness is key. I am currently teaching him to ring a bell to indicate that he needs to go outside for pee breaks. It’s slowly starting to work and suspect in the next few months he’ll have it mastered. I can’t wait as he does like to leave an unpleasant puddle in more than one location, thank God for Lino flooring! More to me soon, you can also contact me here ttyl.

Love for our dogs!


P.S, I am very new at this and have to be honest this WordPress stuff isn’t the easiest to work with. I’m learning as I go, but a friend of mine said it was the best to use, so here I am…trying 🙂